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Holiday shopping safety and premises liability claims: part two

Earlier this week we introduced some potential hazards of Black Friday shopping, outlining some risks that shoppers might face as they hunt for deals this holiday season. We mentioned that store owners are expected to exercise reasonable care to make sure that their shoppers are safe, especially when safety risks are compounded by a high-volume shopping season.

Holiday shopping safety and premises liability claims: part one

In a few days millions of people across the country will be hitting their local mall in an attempt to score great Black Friday deals. In the past several years, stories of trampling incidents and other shopping safety hazards have grabbed headlines. Often these stories are met with disbelief and a sense of gratitude that such incidents are rare.

Cleveland Indians settle lawsuit over fallen slide fatality

The Cleveland Indians last month agreed to settle a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a collapsed inflatable slide. The slide had fallen on a man outside Progressive Field, causing serious injuries that eventually led to his death.

Frightening elevator ride leads to $13 million award

Anyone in Batavia who steps into an elevator expects that it is going to work properly. With the exception of the severely claustrophobic, not many people are afraid that an elevator will be the site of a major accident. Unfortunately, elevator accidents are quite common and it is possible that anyone in southern Ohio who rides an elevator could become injured.

"Hoarding" house cleaner may have deadly rat-transmitted virus

Multiple medical tests are being conducted upon a hospitalized employee who cleaned a rodent-infested home for the TLC show called "Hoarding: Buried Alive." The victim and 29 others who worked on the house could be plaintiffs in premises liability lawsuits against the homeowners.

Water slide patrons rescued by officer during accident

A total of 11 patrons of a water slide attraction at a water park were temporarily trapped inside an inner liner. The accident occurred inside a tunnel slide when its vinyl liner ruptured, creating a gap between the slide and the liner. An off-duty law enforcement officer heroically came to the patrons' aid, and took control of the chaotic situation, likely saving many from far more serious injuries. Despite his efforts, however, five of the patrons had to be rushed to the hospital by emergency responders.

Two dozen injured when walking over hot coals during seminar

Many people in Cincinnati have seen television shows of spiritual people walking across hot coals without getting burned, but many of them wouldn't consider doing it themselves. That doesn't mean that it isn't still happening, however, and almost 24 people were injured when they were prompted to walk across an 8-foot bed of hot coals. Some people reported minor burns and pain, but a large number of people had second- or third-degree burns, both of which can have serious medical implications.

Trampoline parks: Jumping toward danger

In an era where obesity is one of the nation's number one health concerns for both adults and children, many entrepreneurs have been busy finding ways to make exercise fun. One of the new trends sprouting up in Ohio and elsewhere has been indoor trampoline parks. However, with the advent of new recreational and exercise crazes there has been an increase in personal injuries associated with the parks.

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