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Ohio cyclists encourage motorcycle awareness

Many Ohio motorcyclists are taking part in an effort to increase awareness of cyclists. Along with May being Motorcycle Awareness Month, there is an effort to remind motorists that cyclists will be back on the road after the winter hiatus and to watch out for riders to prevent a motorcycle accident. In Muskingum County county alone, there are around 4,000 motorcycles registered, and there were three fatalities resulting from accidents in 2012 that could have been prevented.The main idea that cyclists want motorists to take away is that they should keep an eye out for people on motorcycles. As their motto states, "Look twice, save a life." According to an American Bikers Aimed Towards Education (ABATE) coordinator, due to the slim construction of motorcycles, people who only glance before pulling out can easily miss seeing them.

Police, other officials oppose Ohio traffic camera ban

Ohio lawmakers are currently considering a bill that would outlaw traffic cameras that enforce speeding and red light laws in the state. These cameras already ticket thousands of motorists throughout the state, and they were designed to encourage safety and reduce the risk of a car accident. However, opponents of these cameras state that they only exist to create revenue and that they infringe on Ohioans' privacy.The cameras work by snapping pictures of people who run red lights or exceed the speed limit by a certain amount, usually 10 mph, and citations are issued to offending motorists. One member of the Toledo Police Department has stated that these cameras have led to a reduction in car accidents because it is like having a police officer on every corner. He continued that the mere presence of these cameras has led to a reduction in violations. The mayor of Toledo agrees and has said that cameras provide a fair ticketing process that has saved lives.

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