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November 2012 Archives

Holiday shopping safety and premises liability claims: part two

Earlier this week we introduced some potential hazards of Black Friday shopping, outlining some risks that shoppers might face as they hunt for deals this holiday season. We mentioned that store owners are expected to exercise reasonable care to make sure that their shoppers are safe, especially when safety risks are compounded by a high-volume shopping season.

Holiday shopping safety and premises liability claims: part one

In a few days millions of people across the country will be hitting their local mall in an attempt to score great Black Friday deals. In the past several years, stories of trampling incidents and other shopping safety hazards have grabbed headlines. Often these stories are met with disbelief and a sense of gratitude that such incidents are rare.

Cleveland Indians settle lawsuit over fallen slide fatality

The Cleveland Indians last month agreed to settle a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a collapsed inflatable slide. The slide had fallen on a man outside Progressive Field, causing serious injuries that eventually led to his death.

Ohio motorcyclist wins claim against DOT for dangerous pothole

In August 2007, an Ohio motorcyclist was thrown from his bike after hitting a pothole on State Route 2. He suffered extensive injuries, some of which caused a permanent disability. He incurred $1.2 million in medical and related expenses and lost $58,000 in wages.

New study links high trucker weight to increased accident risk

A recent study confirms that there is a direct link between a commercial truck driver's body mass index and his or her likelihood of being involved in a crash. The study found that obese truck drivers were 43 to 55 percent more likely to be involved in a crash than truckers with a BMI in the normal range.

First lawsuit for injuries caused by Ohio casino collapse

In January the deck of a Cincinnati casino collapsed during construction, injuring 13 workers. Now one of those workers, a subcontractor, is filing the first lawsuit based on the accident, suing the casino for negligence.

Preventing concussions in student athletes

Falls, bumps and collisions are an unavoidable part of most sports. In many cases, student athletes are able to "shake it off" and get back in the game without trouble. But if handled improperly, those spills can lead to traumatic brain injury with a lasting impact on a child's brain development.

Construction zone safety on Ohio's highways

Last week we talked about how the reconstruction of Interstate 75 may reduce serious vehicle crashes and make the area safer. Construction zones can be a headache for drivers but the improvements that result are essential in the long run. During work, however, construction zones pose some unique safety issues for both workers and motorists.

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