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October 2012 Archives

Fairfield County re-introduces road safety program

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable. But motor vehicle crashes are especially tragic when they could have been prevented by better driver behavior or more education in the area of traffic safety. An Ohio county is hoping to decrease the number of serious preventable crashes by re-instituting a program aimed at preventing them.

I-75 redesign appears to be improving safety, reducing crashes

A stretch of Interstate 75 in Ohio has undergone massive road work under a modernization project that started in 2007. While it may cause delays and frustration in the meantime, the project is meant to update Ohio's overused roads and reconstruct the interstate. This should reduce congestion and improve safety for all motorists on the highway.

Protect your rights after a car accident with these essential steps: part two

Earlier this week we discussed some crucial first steps to take if you find yourself involved in a car accident. Once you have ensured the safety of your passengers - and anyone else involved - and called law enforcement officials, you can focus on gathering information for your records and dealing with your insurance company.

Protect your rights after a car accident with these essential steps: part one

If you are involved in a car accident, it is easy to panic and forget some crucial steps that can preserve important evidence and any legal claims you may have. Amidst the chaos of calling 911, exchanging insurance information and checking on your passengers, it helps to keep in mind a few essentials to make the subsequent investigation and claims go smoothly.

Cincinnati motorcycle cop hospitalized after crash with SUV

On the TV show "Hill Street Blues" one of the main characters offered up a line that proved to have great staying power. It was the unit sergeant who, as a shift was about to begin, said, "Let's be careful out there."

Fewer Ohio teens drinking and driving

When a teenager gets his or her driver's license for the first time, he or she may feel equipped to handle all of the road's challenges. But inexperienced drivers can make mistakes that lead to serious car accidents. Add the temptation and peer pressure to drink and drive and teenage drivers can put other drivers at great risk. Fortunately, recent data shows that teens' judgment may be improving.

Ohio's uninsured motorists put law-abiding drivers at risk

The aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming. When you're seeking treatment for injuries or trying to get your car repaired, added financial stress is the last thing you need. But recent data from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles shows that motorists in the Buckeye State may have reason to worry.

The physics of a vehicle versus pedestrian collision

Not everyone wants to contemplate in detail exactly what happens to a pedestrian struck by a car or truck, but knowing the effects might improve some peoples' driving habits. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's latest statistics, over 4,300 people are killed and another 69,000 are injured in pedestrian accidents. That's one death every eight minutes on average and an injury every two. The physical damage done to the human body by several thousand pounds of metal moving at speed is catastrophic.

Frightening elevator ride leads to $13 million award

Anyone in Batavia who steps into an elevator expects that it is going to work properly. With the exception of the severely claustrophobic, not many people are afraid that an elevator will be the site of a major accident. Unfortunately, elevator accidents are quite common and it is possible that anyone in southern Ohio who rides an elevator could become injured.

Traumatic brain injuries and the effect they have on sustainers

Every couple of minutes, somewhere in the nation there is a car accident. We're used to hearing about the injuries and traumas these victims face. Our hearts bleed for the people who suffer debilitating injuries and we mourn for the people who lose their lives.

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