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September 2012 Archives

Ohio crash kills first officer in more than 50 years

A crash involving a police cruiser and a pickup truck has left a 32-year-old officer dead, according to authorities. The cause of the accident appears to be the driver of the pickup truck, who had turned in front of the cruiser, violating his right of way. Unfortunately, the officer was unable to stop in time and crashed into the truck, which caused the cruiser to collide into a tree in a Willoughby, Ohio, resident's front yard.

Ohio driver killed in head-on collision

Near midnight, during a heavy rainstorm, drove a woman on a loan country highway. It was difficult to see the lines on the road, only just pulling back onto the roadway after travelling in the shoulder for some time. In a matter of moments her life would change. In a matter of moments, she would be dead.

Learning from football concussions: brain injuries and teenagers

It would be difficult for people in Cincinnati not to have heard about the concerns surrounding football and concussions. With two former NFL players committing suicide in the off season and numerous others filing lawsuits against their former teams and the National Football League itself, there has been a great deal of focus on traumatic brain injuries and the damage they cause.

"Hoarding" house cleaner may have deadly rat-transmitted virus

Multiple medical tests are being conducted upon a hospitalized employee who cleaned a rodent-infested home for the TLC show called "Hoarding: Buried Alive." The victim and 29 others who worked on the house could be plaintiffs in premises liability lawsuits against the homeowners.

Teens need tough love to stop texting while driving

Parents of teenage drivers in Cincinnati may have heard that one of the most effective ways to curb texting while driving amongst their children is strict enforcement and harsh penalties. Since Ohio has made texting while driving a secondary violation, one way to reduce the number of texting while driving accidents is to make it very clear that anyone caught texting and driving will face heavy fines or other forms of punishment.

North Ohio construction worker killed in car accident

Although a large number of car accidents leave other motorists or passengers injured or dead, there are other victims to these horrific accidents, too. Sometimes, it is a pedestrian who is fatally wounded in a car accident, and for those people whose work puts them right next to the road, there is always a risk that an inattentive driver will plow right into them. Sadly, this seems to be what happened to a 63-year-old man in northern Ohio.

Woman pleads guilty to fatal motorcycle accident in of Cincinnati

police were unsure as to who had hit him because the driver of the vehicle had left the scene of the accident. Within a day, however, a 20-year-old woman from Delhi Township turned herself in and claimed responsibility for hitting the motorcyclist on Interstate 75 near the entrance to Interstate 74 in Cincinnati.

Columbus teen kills 1 teen, injures 4 in car accident

Ohio law is very clear: 16-year-old drivers cannot have anyone else in their car other than family members if their parents or guardians are not also present. The reasoning behind the law is to allow inexperienced drivers to become more comfortable driving and gain more experience before being exposed to distractions like friends. Because teenage drivers are relatively new drivers, they are more apt to cause serious or fatal accidents; either injuring other motorists or their own passengers. Sadly, that is what happened in this story.

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