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August 2012 Archives

Water slide patrons rescued by officer during accident

A total of 11 patrons of a water slide attraction at a water park were temporarily trapped inside an inner liner. The accident occurred inside a tunnel slide when its vinyl liner ruptured, creating a gap between the slide and the liner. An off-duty law enforcement officer heroically came to the patrons' aid, and took control of the chaotic situation, likely saving many from far more serious injuries. Despite his efforts, however, five of the patrons had to be rushed to the hospital by emergency responders.

Cincinnati semitrailer accident sends 1 to the hospital

A recent truck accident on Third Street at the intersection with Broadway sent one man to the hospital. With the size and weight of a semitrailer truck, the driver who was injured is extremely lucky that he was not more seriously injured or dead. The people of Cincinnati hear about trucking accidents all the time and many of the injuries are incredibly severe or fatal.

University of Cincinnati project to eradicate brain disease

University of Cincinnati neurotrauma specialists are partnering with a West Coast non-profit group called One Mind for Research to cure brain disease. Medical professionals have a 10-year target date to come up with answers that could positively affect the lives of Cincinnati victims who suffered brain injuries in car accidents.

Can ignition interlocks help to reduce fatal car accidents?

Fairfield motorists know to stay away from drunk drivers on the road; they are dangerous, reckless, and their reaction times and judgment are impaired by the alcohol in their system. Unfortunately, many people are unable to avoid drunk drivers and are hit, injured or killed by people who are too inebriated to be driving. Though Ohio residents are able to file personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits against these drivers, it may not be enough to persuade some drivers to sober up before getting behind the wheel.

2 injured in Ohio motorcycle crash

Two motorcyclists are recovering after it appears they were hit by a 42-year-old man from Franklin, Ohio. The man seems to have been driving while intoxicated along Dayton Oxford Road as he approached the intersection with Heritage Road in Franklin when he hit a motorcycle in oncoming traffic. The Ohio Highway Patrol reports that the man crossed the center line as he traveled along and hit the eastbound motorcycle.

Cleveland-area buggy accident leaves 4 people injured

Whether it is a car, a motorcycle or a buggy, Ohio motorists deserve protection while they are on the road. This means that drivers need to be safe around others and to follow the traffic regulations. When drivers fail to do this, they open themselves up to a car accident in which someone could get seriously injured or killed, making the driver financially responsible for the accident.

Two dozen injured when walking over hot coals during seminar

Many people in Cincinnati have seen television shows of spiritual people walking across hot coals without getting burned, but many of them wouldn't consider doing it themselves. That doesn't mean that it isn't still happening, however, and almost 24 people were injured when they were prompted to walk across an 8-foot bed of hot coals. Some people reported minor burns and pain, but a large number of people had second- or third-degree burns, both of which can have serious medical implications.

Teenage drivers pose real risk to Cincinnati motorists

Under Ohio law, any driver under the age of 18 cannot use a cellphone while driving. In addition, any driver of any age cannot text behind the wheel. Even though Ohio law has, in effect, made distracted driving a crime, it is still a real danger to the people of Cincinnati, and some of the worst offenders are teenagers.

In hot pursuit, do police always know their limits?

Motorists know that when they see the flashing lights and hear a blaring siren from an emergency response vehicle they need to get out of the way as quickly and safely as possible. The emergency personnel, such as police, firefighters or paramedics, are trying to provide assistance to someone in need. In situations involving the police, a cruiser with their warning lights activated can also mean that they are in pursuit of a criminal suspect.

Trampoline parks: Jumping toward danger

In an era where obesity is one of the nation's number one health concerns for both adults and children, many entrepreneurs have been busy finding ways to make exercise fun. One of the new trends sprouting up in Ohio and elsewhere has been indoor trampoline parks. However, with the advent of new recreational and exercise crazes there has been an increase in personal injuries associated with the parks.

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